Leonardo da Vinci programm "vocational education and training (VET)".

Part of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme, the programme funds a wide range of actions, notably cross-border mobility initiatives; co-operation projects to develop and spread innovation; and thematic networks.

Leonardo da Vinci enables VET organisations to work with European partners, exchange best practices, increasing the expertise of their staff and respond to the teaching and learning needs of people.

Through co-Technical and Industrial Vocational Sisli / Istanbul, we share as AYMED in Leonardo da Vinci program. The project is: "Vocational training in Austria and bypassing the political process (EQF / NQF, ECVET, Europass, EQARF).

From the project we expect from the application of the development and transfer of innovative policies, strategies, content, methods and procedures within the training will improve the quality of the Turkish education system.

Project partners are;
- Technical and Industrial Vocationalschool Sisli / Istanbul,
- Marmara Üniversity / Faculty of Technical Education
- ENOSAD (Association of Entrepreneurs of industrial automation),
-  AYMED (Assc. graduates of Germany)
- TQnet

Address Search Germany-Alumni

The DAAD Secretary General Christian Bode on 3 June 2007 in Egypt in the presence of the German ambassador to launch a global campaign to alumni. The Internet portal to former foreign students, graduates, professors and researchers back to Germany will be interested.

The sustained commitment of the alumni for the German universities are becoming increasingly important. For this reason, the DAAD has established various programs since 1999 to promote higher education projects launched. In addition, the DAAD coordinated central projects, an especially important is the "Address Search Germany-Alumni" in which the German universities can participate.

All alumni from Turkey can meet your data according to the questionnaire to anligenden  question.



Alumni Special Projects

Alumni of German higher education institutions are partners for the German science and economy. With the Alumni Special Projects, the DAAD aims to support experts educated in Germany through furthering education, and through providing opportunities to establish contacts with the representatives of the German science and economy. 

Alumni Special Projects distinguish themselves through a combined project structure. The alumni are first participating in a one-week furthering education and/or training course at a German institution of higher education. Following this seminar, the participants will attend an exhibit or trade fair in order to inform themselves about the latest development and to initiate above all contacts with the exhibitors.

In these projects, the priorities are the Millennium Development Goals. The specific structure of the Alumni Special Projects has so far focussed on toward five essential issues. These are

Renewable energies

Within the UN-World-Decade of  "Education for Sustainable Development" the Alumni-Special-Projects of the DAAD have been reckognized as an Official German Project  for the UN-decade  2009 / 2010.

At the moment an Alumni-Special-Project in cooperation with the "Tropentag 2009" is taking place.

A call for tenders was open until August 15th. 2009 for the Alumni-Special-Project  "IFAT 2010".

AYMED, ITU-CEDM and DAAD held in Istanbul Alumni-Seminar, under the title (2 November 2009 Monday)


Info-Seminar, Relationship with AYMED Date:10.10.2011 at 11:00 am (27 September 2011 Tuesday)

Association of Graduates in Germany (AYMED) organised BCM Seminar at 19-20 October 2009 in Istanbul (21 September 2009 Monday)

AYMED presents a lecture at Erasmus Conference (14 August 2009 Friday)


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