AYMED takes part LdV project

(9 February 2010 Tuesday)

AYMED is partner of Leonardo da Vinci programm "Vocational training in Austria and bypassing the political process (EQF / NQF, ECVET, Europass, EQARF)"

Leonardo da Vinci enables VET organisations to work with European partners, exchange best practices, increasing the expertise of their staff and respond to the teaching and learning needs of people.

Through co-Technical and Industrial Vocational Sisli / Istanbul, we share as AYMED in Leonardo da Vinci program. The project is: "Vocational training in Austria and bypassing the political process (EQF / NQF, ECVET, Europass, EQARF).

From the project we expect from the application of the development and transfer of innovative policies, strategies, content, methods and procedures within the training will improve the quality of the Turkish education system.

Project partners are;
- Technical and Industrial Vocationalschool Sisli / Istanbul,
- Marmara Üniversity / Faculty of Technical Education
- ENOSAD (Association of Entrepreneurs of industrial automation),
- AYMED (Assc. graduates of Germany)
- TQnet

<< Geri Dön

AYMED, ITU-CEDM and DAAD held in Istanbul Alumni-Seminar, under the title (2 November 2009 Monday)


Info-Seminar, Relationship with AYMED Date:10.10.2011 at 11:00 am (27 September 2011 Tuesday)

Association of Graduates in Germany (AYMED) organised BCM Seminar at 19-20 October 2009 in Istanbul (21 September 2009 Monday)

AYMED presents a lecture at Erasmus Conference (14 August 2009 Friday)


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